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Genomics of Drug Induced Renal Injury : About this study
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Project ID: DR1  
Welcome to the website for "Genomics of Drug Induced Renal Injury" study.   Currently there are 43 centers participating in this study and 631 patients have been enrolled since the first patient screened on Mar 6 2013.

Study Objectives
  1. The primary objective of this study is to determine if a genetic predisposition exists for the developement of drug induced renal injury (DIRI), using genome-wide association and whole genome sequencing studies.
  2. The secondary objectives of this study are:
    1. To ascertain the incidence and prevalence of drug induced kidney indury based upon 4 primary phenotypes.
    2. To determine whether genetic predisposing factors vary according to the phenotype of the DIRI reaction.
    3. To identify risk alleles associated with DIRI, caused by different drugs.
    4. To investigate the role of ethnic variability in the genetics of DIRI, associated with specific, higher volume causal drugs.
    5. Determine common genetic traits that predispose individuals for multi-organ toxicity including DIRI, drug induced liver injury (DILI) and serious skin injury.
    6. To validate different tools for establishing causality of drug induced kidney injury.
    7. To identify different clinical risk factors for the development of drug induced injury from specific drugs
    8. To describe the course and resolution of drug induced kidney injury.
    9. Develop strategies for individualization of drug therapy to maximize benefits and minimize harm.
Please contact Dr. Ravi Mehta or Dr. Linda Awdishu if you are interested in knowing more about this project or wish to participate in the study.